Life Transitions + Wellness Coaching

If you're navigating a significant life transition (new job, child, return to school), incorporating new habits or are curious about changing your relationship to alcohol, my coaching services might meet your needs.

I work with adults who want to create and build sustainable habits grounded in their values, lifestyle and individual sense of well-being and spirituality. My approach to wellness is deeply informed by exploring those things that make you come alive and create a life you don't want to leave. This isn't "wellness industry" coaching, but a return to the simplicity of creating and living life with a sense of openness and optimism.

Please see below for information on fees and FAQs. Contact me with any questions—I'm happy to meet for a consultation to explore whether we are the right fit.

If the time isn't right for you to begin therapy or coaching, I invite you to stay in touch by signing up for the newsletter.

How do I know whether to consider coaching or therapy? What's the difference?
Generally speaking, coaching is about habits and goals, and is very future-oriented. It is well-suited for those who have a strong understanding of the factors that have shaped their life. Therapy (again, this is generally speaking) is better-suited for those who feel "stuck," depressed, are having difficulty navigating their daily life or are experiencing significant distress.

Again, those are broad strokes. If you're curious about which may be right for you, let's schedule a time to talk.

Please note: While coaching can be provided to anyone, anywhere, I am able to provide mental health treatment only to those residing in the State of New Jersey.

How much does coaching cost?
60-minute Coaching session - $150

"Packages," which I run at different times throughout the year, are special pricing. I'll update this site will be updated when I offer different programs.

Is coaching in-person?
All coaching is provided via telehealth. I use a HIPAA-compliant platform that is browser-based, so there's nothing for you to download. Sessions are typically about 60-minutes each.

Great! How do I schedule?
Let's start with a 15-20 minute phone/video call so that you can ask me questions and we can see if we'd be a good fit. I typically schedule these initial consults in the morning and mid-day (before you go to work or around your lunch schedule, if you work).

You can contact me by selecting Contact in the menu.