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Transition to college

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Start now and be confident, prepared

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for your next step.

Congratulations! I’m delighted that your daughter was accepted to college and is preparing for this exciting time in life. I imagine that you both are filled with many different emotions and whirling thoughts about how it will go, who they will meet and whether they’re prepared.


Many moms move between feeling like the day their child leaves for college can’t come soon enough and also hoping that it never comes. You may even lie awake at night wondering, did I do enough? Did they?

It’s a big change, yes. And a big change requires a really great game-plan.

As a professor and former college counselor,

I love working with college students—supporting them as they reach their goals, learn more about themselves and tap into strength and courage they didn't know was there. And after working with hundreds of first-year and transfer college students for the past decade, I’m familiar with the challenges of adjusting to not only college, but the independence, new experiences and anxiety that it can bring—for both you and your daughter.

Over the course of eight weeks, we will work together to prepare your high school senior or transfer student for their next step, so you both feel confident, prepared and ready to embrace new experiences. Think of this like a test-prep course for mental and emotional health!


Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Building psychological flexibility: awareness, openness and engagement

  • Skills for managing different types of stress and anxiety

  • How to create a schedule to balance new opportunities with academic demands

  • Balancing new friendships while holding on to or letting go of existing ones

  • Sleep, safety and self-care

  • Boundaries and difficult conversations

  • How to navigate pre-existing or emerging mental health concerns on your campus

  • Changing roles and family expectations

  • Education about what to expect during this stage of life

We’ll draw on your daughter’s strengths (through a comprehensive online strengths assessment) to help her prepare. We’ll use this info to help her begin now to identify strategies for successfully adapting, on-campus places to relax and recharge, how to meet people and build friendships, and much more.


Along the way, you'll be supported in identifying ways that your role is changing, new family expectations and education about what to expect at this stage of life. At the end of eight weeks, you and your daughter will have a toolkit of strategies and resources to support you both during this transition.

Explore the FAQs below to learn more and then contact me to schedule your coaching sessions. I'd be honored to partner with you both.

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