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Living with Loss


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When we’re grieving, trying to keep it all together and feeling like an imposter, we’re primed for burnout.

We need a new way of navigating grief: one grounded in self-compassion, daily ritual and reflection. This is not an easy path for an early-career therapist or healthcare professional, but it’s one with the power to transform your practice and the way you care for yourself.

Many of our usual self-care practices can feel like we’re just going through the motions. Well-meaning friends and family may not fully understand the unique stressors and demands you're facing, and you may struggle to care for your emotions and still feel competent and confident.

This was part of my story and maybe yours, too?

I was taught in grad school to take care of myself with the basics: quality sleep, good nutrition, exercise and time with friends. I journaled and spent time in nature, but none of it was as helpful as I’d hoped.


What I needed is what I created over time—a new way of befriending myself, containers for holding my grief, and rituals and practices to help me honor my losses and be present to those around me.

Over the course of six weeks, you'll discover how to:

  • Create a container and practices for holding your grief

  • Name your losses and identify meaningful supports

  • Understand how you are impacted, personally and professional; how you have coped; what works, what doesn’t

  • Develop ways of carrying your loss that allow you to be present to yourself and your work

  • Use art, movement and forms of expression in grief

  • Create rituals of remembering and honoring

Drawing on embodied self-compassion, expressive arts and the wisdom of ritual, this workshop series is a closed, private, confidential space for early-career therapists and healthcare professionals.

This isn’t a therapy process group, though there may be sharing (no one is required to share). Space is limited to 8 participants and each week builds on previous weeks, so a commitment to attend all six weeks is important.

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Details & Registration

Mental health and healthcare graduate students and those in their first three years of clinical practice after graduation.

The workshop is entirely online. After registration, you’ll be sent the link and a downloadable journal for the series. Because of the nature of this workshop, you’ll want to have a private, comfortable place to participate, with space for writing, painting and seated movement.

Registration is for all six workshops and, unfortunately, I'm not able to offer any make-up sessions.

The entire series is $225 and includes:

  • Six weekly workshops on Wednesdays, 6-7pm (dates are: 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24, 5/1 & 5/8).

  • Workbook for exercises, journaling and notes.

  • Practices for grounding, containing, expressing and honoring loss.

  • A private, 1:1, 30-minute consultation with me to reflect and identify any next steps or additional supports you may need. This will be held within a week after the workshops end.

Additional fees: For Week 5, I’ll ask that you purchase a few art supplies totaling about $20. A list will be provided at registration.

If you have questions and to register, please use the button below. We’ll set up a time to meet to ensure that this workshop is the best fit for you right now and complete registration.

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