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New Jersey Holistic Therapy, Soul Care, EMDR

Judith Alfano, LCSW


EMDR Therapist New Jersey

Hello, I'm Judith and I'm a licensed therapist in New Jersey.

For over 20 years, I have been a student of the soul—curious about cultivating a life of spiritual depth and meaning, and listening to that which flows beneath the curated surfaces of our interactions.

I remain animated by this curiosity and about how we relate to ourselves and the world with compassion—befriending ourselves with curiosity, embracing openness and vulnerability in our relationships, and expressing adaptive flexibility when in distress.

This approach assumes we are more than our symptoms and defenses, and holds deep respect for all the ways we try to solve our problems.

Drawing on the wisdom of mind, body, heart and spirit, therapy, then, becomes a process of discovery—moving from patterns of control and defense to the warmth of curiosity and compassion. I'd be honored to join you.

Care for your soul

My approach to therapy is grounded in psychodynamic theory and skillfully integrates narrative and somatic therapies, parts work and the wisdom of spiritual care.

Many of my clients find me because they are suffering with the effects of anxiety, deep grief or unresolved trauma and pain. They are tired of repeating old patterns and want to go deeper into the work of self-discovery, desire an approach that integrates spirituality with therapy, or want to explore integrative approaches to trauma/story work.

Those who walk this path of discovery learn to inhabit the terrain of their own soul. They release cycles of fear and perfectionism. They learn to trust their feelings and intuition. They have compassion for all they have carried and grow more attuned to their needs and desires. They learn to communicate with openness and vulnerability.

Above all, they become a friend to themselves.

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