Judith Alfano, LCSW

integrating the soul & science of mental well-being

What if you could rediscover a sense of meaning and purpose, aligned with your deepest values and true self?

I believe you can and created my practice with your well-being in mind—soul-centered mental health care for adults navigating chronic and terminal illness, grief, trauma-related stress and burnout.


My work flows from this belief: we come to know ourselves and each other by listening. This informs my therapeutic approach, which is collaborative and integrative, drawing from cognitive-behavioral, attachment-based and emotion-focused therapy, and incorporating self-compassion and mindfulness skills.


About Judith Alfano, LCSW

Situated between miles of sandy shoreline and acres of tall pines, lies a stretch of earth shaped by the rhythms of time and tide. It is here, out of the rootedness of this place, that my practice was born.

This is the spirit brought to our work together, one of expansiveness, groundedness and grace. My approach is integrative
balancing psychotherapy with mindfulness and self-compassion skills to support your well-being. This means that we'll explore your past so that you experience healing and growth, while integrating meaningful skills to improve your connection to yourself and those around you.



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If you are in psychiatric crisis or experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts, please visit your nearest ER or call 911. The contact form should not be used to convey urgent or time-sensitive information.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. - Judith

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