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Integrative Therapy
and EMDR


Individual therapy and retreats, expressive arts workshops & EMDR  |  Online and in-person

EMDR Therapist New Jersey

Hello, I'm Judith and I'm a licensed therapist in New Jersey.

One of the things I’m most curious about is what makes me me, and you, you, and how all the parts of ourselves come together so we feel whole and integrated—our true self without any masks or hiding.

Many of us struggle, though, with how to live this way. We focus on earning others' approval, have difficulty knowing and communicating our own desires and needs, and struggle to feel at home in our own skin or in our faith.

Maybe you feel this way, too?

Maybe you feel tired from trying to keep it all together or you're stuck in patterns you don’t want. Things from the past may feel like they just won't go away, no matter how many books you read or prayers you pray. Maybe you've gone your entire life without feeling accurately seen.

If so, I'd love to walk alongside you on your journey to wholeness.

Caring for your well-being

My approach to therapy integrates narrative, Internal Family Systems (IFS) & Parts Work, and somatic treatments and is a collaboration with you. Together, we seek to understand your experience, develop skills for facing challenges and uncover your authentic self. As a result, you feel more like yourself—deeply grounded, confident and whole.


Many of my clients have tried therapy and find me because they would like to go deeper into the work of self-discovery, desire an approach that integrates spirituality with therapy, or want to explore integrative approaches to trauma/story work.

Whether you’re seeking support for short-term and problem-focused therapy or more long-term work related to healing and recovery or insight, my approach is adapted to your goals and timeline and I’d be honored to join you.


If you’re interested in working with me, please contact me to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation.

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