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Experience calm, find perspective
and gain meaningful support.



Whether you’re experiencing the strain of new motherhood, having difficulty adjusting to an unexpected life event or suffering with the health effects of chronic stress, your well-being is important to me.

The wisdom of body, mind & spirit

Spiritually integrated therapy views all aspects of our lives as impacting and relating to the others. It asks us to be curious about ourselves and our experience as we move toward recovery of our well-being. This approach assumes you are more than your symptoms, and holds deep respect for all the ways you have tried to manage the challenges in your life.

Drawing on the wisdom of mind, body and spirit, therapy becomes a process of discovery—moving from patterns of control and defense to the warmth of curiosity and compassion.

As a result, we relate to ourselves and our lives differently. We befriend ourselves with care, honor our longings and intuition, embrace openness and vulnerability in our relationships, and express adaptive flexibility when in distress.


Whether you’re seeking support for short-term and problem-focused therapy or more long-term work related to healing and recovery or insight, my approach is adapted to your goals and timeline, and I’d be honored to join you.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re a new client, please reach out to schedule a free consultation to talk about your concerns and the best path to support your goals and well-being.

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