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You're Invited

to slow down, breathe deeply

and receive the gifts of healing,

growth & renewal.

Serving Coastal New Jersey and beyond  |  Online and in-person


Judith Alfano is a trauma-informed therapist who invites midlife women to creative healing experiences through therapy, workshops and retreats.


She brings warmth and generosity of spirit to her work, inviting those around her to bring questions, face their pain and explore their stories with courage and conviction.


Whether you’re going through a life transition such as divorce, career change or retirement, facing illness and loss, or searching for meaning and purpose, Judith’s compassion and knowledge can help you name your experience, attending to places of pain and grief to uncover healing, growth and renewal.

Explore paths to healing & transformation.

1:1 Integrative Therapy


Uniquely transformative sessions designed to explore and integrate your story. Discover paths to deep compassion for yourself and your history, integration of your needs and desires, and clarity about how your experiences have shaped your life so you can feel confident in your future.

1:1 Therapeutic Retreats

Retreats are a safe space for exploring loss and pain, answering questions for yourself, reflecting on your experience and discovering what might be next for you.

They are especially meaningful for women at the threshold of a new phase of life. 


Shared Experiences

Designed around themes ranging from mindfulness and sustainable self-care to inner mothering, reclaiming power at midlife and navigating loss. Workshops are an opportunity to gather with other women, experience deep embodiment and nurture your inner life.


Transforming through change,


Be inspired, encouraged & educated on topics ranging from spirituality to integrative health care and menopause support.

Thank you.

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Monmouth County

44 Sycamore Avenue

Little Silver, NJ


Ocean County - Coming soon

Please do not use the form for emergencies or sensitive information. If you are in distress or crisis, please visit your nearest ER or call 911.

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