Hello, and Welcome.

I'm Judith and I believe that, no matter how difficult things are right now, you can recover a sense of connection and purpose, and experience healing, growth and renewal.


We sometimes struggle to understand how all of our experiences connect, shaping our view of ourselves and our lives.

In fear, we hide our pain, experience relationship stress and numb our deepest desires—for connection, wholeness, purpose and much more. But if we are gentle with ourselves and practice curiosity, our pain and discomfort can lead us to healing in body, mind and soul.

Prior to my work as a mental health professional, I held corporate roles in marketing, HR and communications. Over many years, I transitioned to a new field and explored paths to join others in healing and recovery. All of this experience, coupled with strong clinical training, is brought to our work together.
I now support adults navigating difficult transitions, anxiety, grief, trauma-related stress and burnout so that they can recover a sense of peace, power and renewal—to lead in their professions and love those close to them with confidence and integrity.

My practice is grounded in a deep curiosity about what it means to be human and fully alive. Living this way embraces both suffering and beauty, and it is a grace to hold the full weight of both with open hands.

I invite you to learn more about my therapy services and contact me with any questions.