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Individual Therapy

New Jersey Holistic Therapy, Soul Care, EMDR

My approach to therapy

Together, we’ll discover and address the underlying factors behind symptoms, inviting you towards deeper healing.

Relationally focused
We will honor the ways that attachment and relationships impact both your wounding and healing.

We’ll safely name, grieve and process unattended grief and trauma, so they no longer have power over your life and relationships.

Spiritually integrated
We'll respect your unique religious and spiritual history and integrate them in ways that are meaningful to you.

Drawing on the wisdom of the mind-body connection, we’ll calm and regulate your nervous system and integrate body-based approaches to your care.  

By using art, music, movement and writing, we draw on non-verbal ways of expressing your feelings and perceptions.


Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is provided to adults, both online and in-person, in New Jersey. EMDR Intensives are offered only in-person at this time.

Please note that psychotherapy (assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning) is available only to residents of NJ and those who are present at my office.

If you're curious about working together and you live outside of NJ, please contact me to find out whether my approach is adaptable to your needs.


•  Anxiety and panic attacks

•  Family patterns and relationships

•  Significant life thresholds (new career,

    motherhood, retirement)

•  Caregiver stress, illness and grief

•  Loss of faith community and spiritual concerns
•  Professional burnout and vicarious trauma

Working together

We'll collaborate to address your concerns within your schedule and resources. Some clients reach their desired outcome in just a few sessions, while others choose to continue to meet over the course of a few months or longer.


Initial Appointment | $225
50-minute Session | $165
120-minute EMDR Intensive | $330

I’m an out of network provider and am unable to accept insurance at this time. I will provide a receipt for you to request reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Good Faith Estimate

In compliance with the No Surprises Act that was enacted on January 1, 2022, all healthcare providers must notify clients of their rights and protections against “surprise billing.” This Act requires that we notify you of your federally protected rights to receive a notification when services are rendered by an out-of-network provider, if you are uninsured, or if you elect not to use your insurance.


You have the right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your therapy or counseling will cost. Click here for more information.

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