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Career and Creative Transitions

Career transitions aren't always difficult, but sometimes they are accompanied by unresolved grief or pain from earlier time in life, or shame about adapting to a new role or aspect of our identity. Inhabiting greater responsibility or leadership can bring feelings of guilt, imposter syndrome or anxiety as we learn to inhabit our new roles with greater integrity, trust and confidence. And for many women, unexpected circumstances such as divorce or death require that they consider new paths in their lives and careers.

Some areas of my practice related to career and creative transitions:

  • Early-career professional development

  • Mid-life career and creative changes

  • Stress and burnout for healing professionals (therapists, healthcare, etc.)

  • Significant promotions, leadership roles and increased responsibility

  • Small business owner and entrepreneur well-being

Even when a change is something we are actively pursuing, we may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and adrift in the process. Many women, socialized to perform at a high-level without asking for help, suffer silently with helplessness, insomnia, fatigue and feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt. We may try to find a way to “snap out of it” and feel frustrated with ourselves when we can’t.

Successfully navigating any new direction asks that we draw on deep self-knowledge, resilience and tools for stress management and self-care as we grieve any losses, navigate changing identities and new roles, and inhabit our lives with clarity, compassion and confidence.

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If you’re a new client, please reach out to schedule a free consultation to talk about your concerns and the best path to support your goals and well-being.

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