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Attention to spiritual issues is embedded across my practice in my holistic view of human development and growth. However, sometimes women want to explore spiritual issues explicitly. These might be related to loss of faith community, spiritual abuse and religious trauma, spiritual questioning or a lack of meaning and connection.

Some areas in my practice related to spirituality:

  • Loss of faith community and changing values

  • Exploration of new rituals, rhythms and forms of spiritual expression

  • Spiritual abuse and religious trauma

  • Spiritual questioning, lack of meaning and connection

For those who have been harmed in their religious and spiritual communities, the result is often deep disorientation, disconnection and pain. Abuse ruptures us in ways that make it difficult to feel at home in our bodies and communities of faith. For many, we dissociate and numb ourselves so that we can continue to be a part of places that once felt safe. Just as in other forms of trauma, the ways in which spiritual abuse impacts us are unique and embedded in your story.

Thoughtful attention to spiritual abuse and religious trauma requires trauma- and spiritually integrated, evidence-based care. This is different from a counseling approach that focuses on religious belief and theology. And while you may decide that you want to include aspects of your faith, we will do so only with your consent.

While spiritual abuse may not be part of your history, spiritual concerns and questions are often related to other aspects of our experience, such as depression or grief. Together, we'll safely and compassionately explore your spiritual experiences and their impact to you, as you find a path that reflects and respects your unique history and values.

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