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New Jersey Holistic Therapy, Soul Care, EMDR

About the art

In our increasingly disconnected culture, many of us find ourselves longing for the familiar. Our souls sense that we are displaced. Something in us longs for the early shoots of spring crocus, wild rhododendrons blooming in the forest or the familiar rhythm of waves against rocky outcrops.

Maybe your place is an infinite stretch of cornfield or the sunset hues of the American Southwest. I grew up camping in the Colorado Rockies and carry with me the embodied memory of fallen pine needles warmed by the sun. We are, each of us, connected to a place.

In art, I'm especially drawn to landscapes and the images on the main pages of this site (all of which are in the public domain) are works by American artists. While not painted in coastal New Jersey, the landscapes remind me of this region and call to mind my home.


John Twachtman (1880) - The Cleveland Museum of Art

John Frederick Kensett (1872) - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

John La Farge (1869) - Princeton University Art Museum

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